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SQL Server DBA

Faculity Name : Rathnakar

Experience : 12 Years

Course Duration : 40 days

Price : 15000 INR

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SQL Server is one of the best rdbms in the market. Learning SQL Server DBA helps a person career to pursue their dreams in IT industry. In TechMaster, we provide complete real time oriented training for this course.

Pre-requisite: Knowledge on SQL language

Training highlights:

Complete practical and real time scenarios

Screenshot based practice material

Session wise notes

Interview questions and Guidance

Technical support and placement assistance


Experience : 12 Years

Rathnakar is one of the high talented and professional SQL Server DBA. Apart from SQL Server DBA, he owns many other features/concepts in Database technology.

His vast experience helps training candidates to not only work with GUI, but also with scripts and commands. Beside technical training, he will provide good knowledge on MNC processes and much more

SQL Server DBA Course Content

SQL Server DBA Course Content

SQL Server

  • Versions and Editions
  • Features of SQL Server
  • Differentiate the SQL Server and Oracle
  • Services of SQL Server
  • Tools of SQL server

SQL Server Installation


  • SQL server 2008 installation
  • SQL Server 2012 Installation
  • SQL Server 2014 Installation
  • Difference between SQL 2008 to SQL 2008 r2/2012/2014

SQL Server components over view

  • Configuration Tool
  • Server Components and Purpose
  • Firewall Options and Instance Rules
  • Service Accounts, Purpose and Usage
  • Authentication Modes & Logins
  • Instance Configuration Options
  • Testing Multiple Installations
  • Management Studio (SSMS) Tool Usage
  • Shared Features and Client Components



Pages & extents

  • Pages and Extents
  • Type of Extents

SQL Server Database Architecture

  • Database Catalog and Storage Options
  • Data Files: Purpose and Storage
  • File groups: Purpose and Usage
  • Log files: Purpose and Audits
  • Use of Transaction Log Files
  • Sizing and Placement - Data Files
  • Sizing and Placement - Log Files
  • Locations and Sizing Recommendations
  • File growth and MAXSIZE Options
  • Scripting Database Structures
  • Database ALTERs and Considerations
  • Designing Very Large Databases (VLDB)
  • Placement of Files and File groups
  • DB Design Parameters and Limitations
  • Design Recommendations from Codeplex

Security Logins, Users & Roles

  • Understanding Security Architecture
  • SQL Server Security Authentication
  • Server Level Security and Logins
  • Database Level Security Users
  • Schemas and User Mappings - Usage
  • Server Level Roles and Usage
  • Database Level Roles and Usage
  • Testing Security Operations in SQL
  • Simulating SQL Server Security Logins
  • Login Errors and Password Resets
  • GRANT, DENY & REVOKE Permissions
  • Common Security Functions & Queries
  • Scripting Procedures ForSecurables


Backups and Restores


  • Backup Verification Procedures
  • Recovery Paths and FILELIST Options
  • Database Restores & RECOVERY Options
  • File Restores and Filegroup Restores
  • MOVE and REPLACE Options For Restores
  • PARTIAL and Piecemeal Restores
  • Tail Log Backups and REDO Phase Options
  • Compressed Tail Log Restores and REPLACE
  • Restores for Partial Online Databases
  • Choosing Right Backups for Restores

Backups, Restores and Recovery


  • Backup Mirrors and Restore Options
  • Backup Splits and Restore Options
  • Media Set, Media Family and Options
  • SQL 2012 Backups to SQL 2014 Restores
  • Partial Backups and STATS Options
  • Compatibility, Recovery Model Options
  • Working with Recovery Models & Backups
  • Backups using UI and SSMS Tool
  • COPY_ONLY Backups and Importance
  • Point-In-Time Restores & Recovery
  • Overwrite Options for DB Restores
  • Backup Devices Creation & Usage
  • Backup Devices Uses and Limitations




Maintenance and Troubleshooting of System Databases

  • Moving system databases
  • Rebuilding system databases


Troubleshooting, maintenance and Starting the SQL Server instances with following methods

  • Single user mode
  • Minimal Configuration Mode
  • Command Prompt
  • Net Command


Login the SQL Server using by DAC


Installation and Upgradation of SQL Server

  • SP & Server Upgrades
  • Establishing Downtime for Maintenance
  • Precautions for Maintenance Activities
  • Service Packs and Patch/hotfix Activities
  • Verifications, Smoke Test and Rollbacks
  • Upgrade Advisor Tool - Analysis Reports
  • Upgrade Advisor Issues and Warnings
  • Server Upgrades and Precautions
  • Planning for Maintenance Activities
  • Rebuilding System Databases & Objects
  • Pre Database Maintenance Activities
  • Post Database Maintenance Activities
  • Real-world Management Considerations



Migrating SQL server Databases

  • Backup and Restore
  • Attach and Detach
  • Import and Export
  • Copy Database
  • Migrating of Orphaned users


Automation and SQL server agent

  • Creating jobs
  • Creating Job Scheduling
  • Creating Alerts and Operators
  • Database mail Configuration


Monitoring SQL Server

  • Job Activity Monitor
  • Activity monitor
  • Log File Viewer
  • Performance Monitor
  • Windows Event viewer
  • Monitoring by SQL Server Alerts
  • SQL Server Profiler
  • SQL Server High Availability (Advance Topics) 


  • Types of Mirroring
  • High performance mode
  • High availability
  • High Protection
  • Types of Data Transfer methods
  • Failover of Mirroring


Log shipping & Replication

  • Snapshot replications
  • Transactional Replication
  • Transactional With Updatable
  • Merge Replications
  • Types of Replication agents


  • Connection Setup of Clusters
  • Nodes
  • Quorum
  • Automatic failover
  • Moving to another Node
  • Monitoring Clusters
  • Failover cluster instance improvements

AlwaysOn concept and configuration 

  • Creating AlwaysOn availability groups Administering
  • AlwaysOn Availability groups
  • Reading secondary database copies

 Performance tuning

  • Types of Isolation levels
  • Locks
  • Deadlocks
  • Blockings
  • Server level
  • Instance level
  • Database level
  • Understanding database indexes Checking index fragmentation and maintaining them Database Statistics Understanding SQL Server Profiler Creating Traces Running server-side traces
  • Query Optimizer and Query Execution Plan




  • Types of Indexes
  • Differences of Indexes
  • Index Structure
  • Rebuild and Reorganizing
  • Fill Factor

Understanding Real-time Scenario


  • DBA Challenges in Real-time
  • SLA and OLA Process in Real-time
  • Need for Documentations & References
  • Downtime & Maintenance Notifications
  • Using SQL Browser Service for TCP/IP
  • Configuration Manager Tool - Usage
  • SQL Server Log-On Accounts and Usage
  • Resource Governor & Performance
  • Workload Groups and Tuning Policies
  • RECONFIGURE Options and Performance
  • Routine DBA Activities - Checklist
  • Database Maintenance Activities


Alerts, Issues & Troubleshooting

  • LOG File Space Issues and Solutions
  • TEMPDB Space Issues with Solutions
  • MEMORY Management Issues - Solutions
  • OS Level Memory Clerks and Monitoring
  • Memory Leaks, Hits and Solutions
  • Logical and Physical Memory Architecture
  • Procedure Cache Issues and Solutions
  • DB State Events, Issues and Solutions
  • Network Usage, Monitoring & Optimization
  • Performance Monitor (PERFMON) Counters
  • Replication Threshold Values & Agents
  • Database Options and Downtime
  • Database States Alerts and DB Events
  • DBCC Commands and Database Repairs
  • Rebuild Operations and Considerations
  • Important DMVs and DMFs for Audits

 Third-party monitoring tool

  • Ticketing tool
  • Backup tool
  • Monitoring tool

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Course Features

  • Live Instructor Led Course
  • Real Time oriented training
  • Guidance on Resume preparation
  • Mock Interviews
  • Training on latest version
  • Guidance on certification
  • Coverage of extended topics
  • Lower price