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Oracle 12c DBA

Faculity Name : Pavan

Experience : 12 Years

Course Duration : 45 days

Price : 15000 INR

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Oracle DBA is one of the wonderful careers to opt for. In TechMaster we provide complete real time oriented training with lot of materials, interview questions, demo videos etc.

Pre-requisite: Oracle SQL language

Training Highlights:

Free Training on Linux basics

Training on 12cR2 (latest) version

Exclusive topics which helps in real time

Material with demo videos of practicals

500+ Interview questions

Resume preparation assistance

Guidance on Oracle Certification (OCA, OCP)

Placement assistance etc


Experience : 12 Years

Pavan is very well experienced DBA and currently working as Lead for Database operations in top MNC. He is well experienced in providing both corporate and personal trainings.

His knowledge and real time scenario based training will help candidate to acquire wonderful knowledge on Oracle Database including the capability of analyzing the problem and thinking of it's solution.

Oracle 12c DBA Course Content

Oracle 12c DBA Course Content

Database Architecture:

  • Introduction to Instance and Database
  • How user connects to database
  • How SQL statement process in the database
  • Oracle data dictionary and its role
  • Memory components and background process
  • In detail SMON instance recovery
  • 11g and 12c introduced features
  • Alert log and trace files
  • Shared server architecture
  • 12c In-memory column store


  • Kernel parameters and their importance in database performance
  • 11g and 12c installation using real time tools like winscp, VNC viewer and Xmanager


Managing Database files:

  • Multiplexing controlfiles
  • Multiplexing redolog files
  • Renaming and relocating redolog files
  • Enable/disable archivelog mode
  • Real time issues with archive log space





Managing Tablespaces:

  • Creating and managing tablespaces
  • Local vs dictionary managed tablespaces
  • Block space utilization parameters
  • Bigfile tablespace
  • 12c Online datafile movement
  • Temporary tablespace group
  • Handling temp tablespace issues in real time
  • Capacity planning
  • Undo tablespace management
  • ORA-1555 cause and solution
  • 12c temporary UNDO

User and Profile Management:

  • Creating and managing users
  • Importance of security and its management through password management and privileges
  • Resource utilization control


  • Importance of Auditing
  • Enable/disable different levels of auditing


Networking with Oracle Database:

  • Configuring listener.ora, tnsnames.ora and sqlnet.ora
  • Real time issues in user connectivity
  • Database links, materialized views and their role in distributed database management




  • Export/import, Datapump
  • How to handle real time refresh activities
  • 12c datapump new features


Backup & Recovery:

  • User managed backup and recoveries
  • RMAN backup and recoveries
  • Recovery catalog
  • RMAN incremental backups
  • Tuning RMAN backup performance
  • 12c single table restore using RMAN
  • Tablespace point-in-time recovery
  • Block media recovery using RMAN backup

Performance Tuning:

  • Phases of tuning
  • Gather statistics – 12c incremental statistics/concurrent stats gathering/online stats
  • How to analyze if SQL query running slow, Job running slow and database running slow
  • Preparing newly created database to avoid performance issues
  • Analyzing AWR, ADDM and ASH reports – 12c real time ADDM, ADDM compare
  • Wait events
  • Multiple indexes on single column
  • Partition tables
  • 12c online migration of table partition and sub partition
  • Invisible columns

Flashback Database:

  • Flashback table
  • Flashback database

High Availability:

  • Dataguard architecture and modes of working
  • Configuring physical standby database
  • Configuring active dataguard
  • Setup dataguard broker and observer
  • Changing protection modes, switchover and failover
  • Flashback of failed primary database to standby
  • Snapshot standby and 12c far sync instance standby
  • Archive gap resolution between primary and standby
  • Recovering primary database using standby
  • Tuning physical standby database performance


  • What is ASM and its benefits
  • Implementing 12c ASM for oracle database
  • Real time issues with ASM


Enterprise Manager:

  • Enterprise Manager cloud control configuration
  • Adding targets and installing EM agent
  • Configuring alerts etc

Patching, Cloning & Upgrade:

  • Oracle Home and Database cloning
  • 11g active database cloning
  • Applying PSU on the database
  • Applying patch set on the database
  • Upgrading lower versions to 12cR1, 12cR2
  • Applying PSU to standby database
  • Upgrading physical standby database
  • Applying PSU to grid home



12c Multitenant database:

  • 12c Multitenant architecture - Container Database (CDB) and Pluggable Database (PDB)
  • Creating and managing multitenant database
  • Performing regular DBA activities on multitenant database
  • Patching, Upgrading, Cloning and standby configuration on PDB

Misc Topics:

  • Advanced Index compression
  • Automatic big table caching
  • In-memory database
  • In-Database archiving
  • Smart flash cache
  • Database migration assistant for Unicode (DMU)
  • ITIL process to know work culture in MNCs
  • Levels of DBA support

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Course Features

  • Live Instructor Led Course
  • Real Time oriented training
  • Guidance on Resume preparation
  • Mock Interviews
  • Training on latest version
  • Guidance on certification
  • Coverage of extended topics
  • Lower price